Soon, matches in the province!

Since June 8, young Quebecers have been able to jump onto the fields that are ready to welcome them. The associations are currently in a registration blitz and are planning the 2020 season. Moving forward at different speeds, some are already ready and have started their training and others will begin their activities shortly. We are pleased to announce that associations will be able to advance to the 4th round of the plan as of June 22, allowing teams to play exhibition games within their association or region.

As of July 4, it will be possible to skip and go directly to phase 6 of our plan! Thus, the regional and interregional leagues will be able to start their regular season. Of course, the sanitary measures described in the plan will always be in order.

“I’m really happy to see that young people will be able to play matches very soon. We were hoping to see our return to play plan evolve quickly and that is what has happened. Despite the shortened season, I’m sure players across the province will be able to enjoy a great summer on the field, “said Maxime Lamarche, General Manager of Baseball Quebec.

Over the next few days, the new rules of the game for the 2020 season will be evaluated and updated. Communication on this subject will be made to explain them well.

Baseball Quebec would like to thank again its volunteers who are doing a colossal job to start high-speed baseball all over the province. It’s not an obvious time, but you’re doing an exemplary job as always. Thank you also to the municipalities and their employees who are busy opening as many baseball fields as possible right now, to make them accessible in the coming days and weeks.

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